March 2020- Dr. Martha Falkenstein received the Eleanor and Miles Shore Harvard Medical School fellowship (30k) to fund a project examining predictors of outcome in exposure therapy!

March 2020- Dr. Jennie Kuckertz received the Corneel Young Investigator AWard (20k) to fund a project examining mechanisms of exposure therapy and depression.

August 2019- Dr. Courtney Beard receives two NIMH funded Administrative supplements for her current HabitWorks Grant to: 1) conduct EEG and 2) track suicidal ideation daily during the first month post discharge from acute care

August 2019- Dr. Andrew Peckham receives the Harvard Brain Initiative Young Scientist Travel Award

May 2019- Dr. Courtney Beard's current study "HabitWorks" is featured on Mclean Hospitals website

May 2019- Dr. Courtney Beard is featured in Mclean's Horizons Magazine and Mclean's website for her smartphone app intervention study: BRIDGE

January 2019- Dr. Andrew Peckham is awarded the Harvard Medical School Livingston Award! This award will fund purchase of ambulatory EEG equipment for a new study examining how cognition relates to impulsivity.

January 2019- Dr. Andrew Peckham honored to be selected for the 2019-2021 Career Development Institute for Psychiatry

2018- Dr. Andrew Peckham and Dr. Martha Falkenstein are honored to receive the ADAA CDLP Award

Fall 2018- Dr. Courntey Beard, Dr. Marie Forgeard, and  Dr. Thröstur Björgvinsson's work using smartphone apps to assess affect in real time featured in Discovery at McLean Hospital

May 2018 - Dr. Courtney Beard is awarded grant from NIMH to develop and test a smartphone delivered cognitive bias modification treatment as an augmentation to hospital care. 

July 2018 - Dr. Courtney Beard is promoted to Co-Director of the Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Clinical Research Program at McLean Hospital.

2018- Dr. Andrew Peckham is awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award (F32 MH 115530)

2018- Dr. Martha Falkenstein receives the Kaplen Fellowship on Depression: “Interpretation Bias as a Predictor of Suicidality in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”, the Livingston Award and the Young Investigator Award: "Neural Mechanisms of Avoidance in Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD”

April 2017- Dr. Courtney Beard speaks at Harvard Medical School- "Turning Fear into Power: Understanding and managing anxiety"

November 2017 – Dr. Courtney Beard speaks at the inaugural Technology in Psychiatry Summit hosted by McLean Hospital

2017-2018: Dr. Andrew Peckham is awarded the McLean Presidential Fellowship

2017- Dr. Courtney Beard receives McLean Hospital's Vision of Excellence Award

2014- Dr. Courtney Beard and Dr. Thröstur Björgvinsson's work is highlighted in McLean Hospital's "Year in Review"

Dr. Martha Falkenstein receives several awards in 2018!

  • Aaron T. Beck Student Achievement Award, Academy of Cognitive Therapy

  • ADAA Travel Award, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 

  • Young Investigator Award, International OCD Foundation

  • Kaplen Fellowship on Depression, Harvard Medical School

  • Livingston Award for Young Investigators, Harvard Medical School

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