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Post-doctoral Fellows & Junior Faculty



Junior Faculty

Dr. Falkenstein (she/her) is an Assistant Professor in psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the Director of the Office of Clinical Assessment and Research at the OCD Institute at McLean Hospital. Dr. Falkenstein’s research focuses on mediators and moderators of treatment response in obsessive compulsive related and anxiety disorders. She has received funding from the NIMH, International OCD Foundation and Harvard Medical School for her work on cognitive mechanisms of treatment response, as well as prediction and prevention of suicidality in individuals with these disorders. She is currently PI (Mentors: Dr. Beard and Dr. Christian Webb) on a K23 from NIMH to test an interpretation bias intervention for OCD.

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Junior Faculty

Dr. Bullis (she/her) is a clinical psychologist at McLean Hospital and an instructor in psychology
in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Her interests include how to
increase access to evidence-based mental health care. She is the co-director of the Unified
Protocol Institute, through which she trains practitioners worldwide and works with
organizations to develop impact-focused, scalable mental health solutions. She serves as the
clinical lead and research advisor for Mass General Brigham'
s implementation of digital
behavioral health interventions in primary care, outpatient psychiatry, and employee assistance
programs. Dr. Bullis has authored numerous publications on evidence-based treatments for
anxiety disorders and is co-author of the Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of
Emotional Disorders, an Oxford University Treatments That Work series.

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Junior Faculty

Dr. Kuckertz (she/her) is a Clinical Researcher at the McLean Hospital OCD Institute. Her research interests are in mechanisms of treatment for OCD and anxiety disorders, including traditional interventions such as exposure and response prevention as well as novel cognitive bias modification (CBM) programs. Dr. Kuckertz was awarded a Corneel Young Investigator Award under the mentorship of Dr. Courtney Beard and Dr. Christian Webb to use machine learning to examine mechanisms of exposure and response prevention for alleviating OCD and depression symptoms. Dr. Kuckertz completed her PhD at the San Diego State University/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, where she primarily studied cognitive biases and their modification in anxious adults, children, and their parents. 

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Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. George is a postdoctoral fellow at McLean Hospital and in the CARE Lab, where she is jointly mentored by Dr. Beard and Dr. Kerry Ressler. She focuses on the brain-behavioral consequences of parent-child interactions in psychopathology. She also has an interest in family health policy and creating accessible therapy to help marginalized families recover from mental illness. Dr. George completed her PhD in Neuroscience and Master's of Public Affairs from University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she focused on using computational neuroscience to understand how parent mental health affected youth neurodevelopment.

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